La Maison Fatien – Singapore

I was having terrible Paris withdrawal symptoms but popping into an authentic French bistro – complete with yellow lighting, which explains the tone of my photos –  on Duxton Road cured that in… Continue reading

La Maree – Paris, France

I’ve always been dead curious about this chi-chi looking seafood restaurant below my boyfriend’s family apartment. With the coloured glass windows and wooden interiors. So, this time around, I managed to try it.… Continue reading

Aux Goûters Champêtres – Chantilly, France

It was a long arduous journey of confusing train rides to get from Paris to Chantilly. (The Gare du Nord is an absolute nightmare to navigate). I finally ended up at the beautiful… Continue reading

Les 110 de Taillevent – Paris, France

With almost every single good bistro and restaurant closed during summer, the boyfriend was hard-pressed to take me somewhere nice for dinner. And we chanced upon Les 110 de Taillvent which was open… Continue reading

Quick Burger – Paris, France

This isn’t going to be the typical post where I’m gushing about awesome food I’ve been eating in France. This was a meal of desperation, when everything worth eating is closed on a… Continue reading

Ootoya – Singapore

I’ve been to Ootoya on several occasions now and it has never disappointed me. I’ve gone through several of their loyalty stamp cards and redeemed my free meal at the end of it.… Continue reading

Island Creamery – Singapore

Even after a massive dinner at Holland Village with my girlfriends, something still seemed to be lacking to round off our evening. Being the greedy bitches we are, we decided to pop by… Continue reading

Vodka Gummy Bears – Home Away From Home

Ever since the recipe broke on 9gag, many a collegiate party and I’m pretty sure even adult events have ideas to serve these little babies. Since I was living with my partner, his… Continue reading

Cicerellos – Perth, Western Australia

On my recent family trip to Australia, I dragged my parents to Fremantle. And while they were content with eating at any old cafe. I insisted on Cicerellos. Any seafood lover worth their… Continue reading

L’Usine – Ho Chi Minh City

One of the very first places my partner wanted to show me when I just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City was L’Usine in District 1. A clearly hipster and expatriate cafe/vintage store… Continue reading