The Kebaya @ 7 Terraces – Penang, Malaysia

Penang is also known for its amazingly rich Peranakan culture -Straits-born-chinese. Essentially they are Chinese who immigrated to the Indonesian archipelago during the British colonial era. They inter-married with the locals and are… Continue reading

Restoran Kapitan – Penang, Malaysia

Happy 2013! I’m back in Sin City after my foray into a regional country I’ve gained lot of insights, rest and a couple of pounds during my lazy holiday. Penang maybe known for… Continue reading

Ramly Burger – Langkawi, Malaysia

I love a good burger. I’ve had chicken, beef, fish, vegan, potato patty and almost had a rabbit burger in Penang (I backed out at the last minute.) But nothing can beat a… Continue reading

Nha Hang Ngon – Ho Chi Minh City

Woo, after so long I’m finally back in Saigon. And I insisted to be taken to Ngon the moment I arrived. Ngon on Pasteur Street serves up a multitude of Vietnamese street food… Continue reading

Sauce – Singapore

Guys, I’m going to let you in on a secret here. I’ve found one of the best deals at the Esplanade at Sauce. Apart from $5 nett Asahi Beers all day all night…on… Continue reading

Miz Japanese Restaurant – Singapore

When you step into the Miz, all you’ll hear around you is the prattle of red-faced-after-two-beers Japanese businessmen, Japanese families having dinner, little Japanese children clamouring for some tamago… you get the picture.… Continue reading

Porn’s -Singapore

I know the name is misleading. But no, I did not have food off a naked woman. Porn’s is a Thai food chain owned by this actor Pornsak. This place is no Planet… Continue reading

Dean & Deluca – Singapore

Yes, we have this American gourmet store/cafe in Singapore as well. My close friend, big brother and mentor was probably one of the most excited when they finally reached our shores. He loves… Continue reading

Awfully Chocolate – Singapore

If you’re mad about chocolate, there’s no harm in popping into Awfully Chocolate for dessert. Although they’ve been in town for a while, this is the first time I’ve actually stepped into one.… Continue reading

Paradise Pavilion – Singapore

Tis the season for Hairy Crabs! Also known as the Chinese Mitten Crab, these little critters are plentiful of crab roe. It was my first time eating hairy crabs and I must say… Continue reading