67 Pall Mall – London, UK

When you’re privileged enough to be invited by a member to dine at 67 Pall Mall, a private club – you take them up on that offer, of course! I’ve done my fair share of members-only clubs in Singapore such as 1880, and I was thrilled to be able to see how this was like London.

Turns out it is pretty much the same vibes, but the unique selling point of 67 Pall Mall is their extensive – and I mean EXTENSIVE like 800 bottles and counting, wine cellar. I was lucky to head to their clubhouse in the middle of the day for a glass of wine and a lovely meal. A 67 Pall Mall did open in Singapore as well, but in the midst of a global pandemic, I am not sure what has happened with that one.

I believe the annual membership is some £2,000 and a joining fee of £1,500 is added on top of that. If you are under 30, you pay £1,000. If you have some spare change lying around in your couch cushions – you can spend a pretty penny on this. I am being facetious, I am aware that not everyone can afford this – and personally, I would not but to each their own. I’d rather go on holiday or buy myself a couple of Kitchenaids for the home.

67 Pall Mall has won pretty much almost every “Best In” category with wines at some point, from sommeliers to wine collections. The catch is, you have to be a member to be able to access these wines. The food menu that accompanies the wine selection is a modern English/European spread intricately picked to complement wines. No shocks there.

67 Pall Mall Review

Starting out with 8 oysters from Carlingford on the half shell topped with a dash of lemon, these briny and almost slightly fatty molluscs were a great appetiser to go with a glass of white wine. I love how it arrived on a bed of fresh sea kelp, that I was adventurous enough to try – but my British companions looked at me as if I was a cow eating grass (ah, what these people don’t know). I can safely say we did not stop at 8. We probably had another round after this platter.

A grilled fig and Italian leaf salad with hazelnut dressing made its way to the table next. The plump figs were deliciously ripe and paired with the light salad very well (although to be fair, after you’ve had the ripe figs in Cyprus in summer, these cannot compare!)

The Best Starters at 67 Pall Mall

The meal continued with even more starters – yes, we were in the mood to graze that day. The Burford Brown scotch egg featured delicious haggis and picalillis around it, all coated in crumbs and deep-fried to a golden crisp. Again, we did not stop at one egg.

Aside from that, we had a plate of Burrata with arugula, pomegranates and pine nuts which was a classic dish done well. The chips were, of course, a must-have as we are in Britain after all. They were the quintessential triple fried pommes alummettes a.k.a fries. Properly delicious, but no match (pun fully intended) for the OG ones I had at Dinner. For the uninitiated, the triple cooked fry was created by one Heston Blumenthal.

The wines we had at that lunch were probably a light Viognier for the white and maybe a Chianti/Barolo for reds. To be fair, I can’t be expected to remember that! There are just so many on the menu. Any vin-curious or wine aficionados would properly love this place, I would imagine.


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