Le Jardin – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Yes, yes. I am aware, this is still not Vietnamese food. But hey, I used to live here and I miss some of the restaurants I used to visit on a regular basis.

Le Jardin is a proper French bistro located right next to Campus France in Saigon. It’s the “canteen” of sorts for the staff but it’s excellent and reasonably priced. However they only take cash, so be sure to have enough on hand!

I used to eat the duck breast or the tuna steak here but this time I had Steak Tartare, which I have been craving since, well, when I left France…


You can pick sides such as fries, sauteed potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. Of course, I picked the sauteed potatoes that were tossed in lardons, garlic and onions. I know, super French of me. But oh, so good. Although I have to say, it took me a long while to accept tartare….but after spending quite a bit of time in France, I’ve grown to love it.

People don’t understand a good tartare is not raw hamburger meat. It’s a whole fresh piece of tenderloin that’s chopped up au couteau with aromatics like capers, pickles and mixed in with a raw egg with condiments like ketchup, tabasco…etc. And this one, was excellent.


Aside from tartare, my dining companion had the old faithful of Steak Frites. Cooked to her liking of medium, covered in a pepper sauce (you have a choice of bechamel, mushroom, or black pepper etc). She picked her side of fries to go with the meal .

Mmm, I really missed this place for it’s reasonably priced French food. Ironic how I can get decent French food in the middle of Saigon but not here in SIN City.

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