Tai Cheong Bakery – Singapore

Well, although I have never bothered to find the original Tai Cheong Bakery when I was in Hong Kong, I hauled ass to the one in Holland Village, once the crowd died down.

It is the first outlet to actually have its very own cha chaan teng style fare. And, I must say the taste is quite authentic and the portion sizes, very generous.


Ok, so maybe we over ordered….. hahaha! Who says Asians don’t know how to do brunch? We do it better! Look at them eggs!

I really loved the Three Egg Macaroni with Spam in Tomato Soup. Simply the most comforting dish one could hope for on the days where you’re down in the dumps (for me almost everyday), the tart tomato soup, still al dente macaroni, sinful spam sticks and three sunnyside up eggs, cheered me up immediately.

But the Scrambled Egg Toast Stack with Chicken Chop at Tai Cheong Bakery here, can compete with the likes of Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong, no kidding! Wobbly, creamy eggs atop thick white bread and a fried chicken boneless thigh. Quite a heavy option, but hey sharing is caring 🙂


Another eggcellent choice (I had to, come on the pun was right there), is the Three Coloured Silky Eggs Rice, why three colour, I don’t know. It comes with choices of shrimp, beef or roasted pork, and of course I picked the roasted pork.


Although the char siew on the dish was more Malaysian style with the charred caramelisation, I did not mind one bit. Beneath that barely set omelette lies a mound of white rice. And that’s supposed to be for one person!

The other item in the group shot above is the Beef Brisket Curry. I’m not a big fan of HK style curries as it has peanut sauce, sesame oil etc. It’s like satay sauce mixed with curry, almost. But, my dining companion seemed to relish it thoroughly, especially the tendons.

Of course to end the meal, the legendary egg tarts were polished off before we could even take a snap!

Visit Tai Cheong Bakery at 31 Lorong Liput, Singapore 277742