Alter Ego – Singapore

I’ve heard many good things and seen many a picture on Instagram on Alter Ego – the wait-for-it….alter ego of the albeit healthier-ish A Poke Theory (say pokeh like pokemon).

Even though the food scene in SIN City saw pokes in dining establishments, the full force of poke bowls really hit us late last year and the trend is still going strong.

Alter Ego, well is clearly targeted for fat food. No notions of health here, although they still do have a few pre-selected poke bowls on the menu.


But as you can see, I accompanied it with a side of major fat food. The Original Poke Shaker was lush. Filled with shoyu salmon on vinegared rice, pineapples, tomatoes, avocado and spiced cashews, it was probably the healthiest thing I ate that night.

The Pizza Fries, unfortunately, even though much heralded on social media turned out to be a bust for me. The three cheese turned out grainy with hardly any pull to it and the pepperoni was unremarkable.

Moving on, to something that was remarkable…The Fried ChickenChicken Skin. It was the bomb. Thinly sliced, oh-so-crispy without being oily, the Southern spice blend made this perfect for the Pringles slogan. Once you pop…


But of course, the piece de resistance of Alter Ego is cleared their loaded Grilled Cheese sandwich. Oozy gruyere and taleggio cheese between pillowy buttered brioche bread. That was good. What’s better? Topping up $3 to have braised beef short rib shoved inside!


Isn’t she a beaut? Now this is what I call #cheesepull. Highly recommended for it’s utter sinfulness and rich flavours.

I will be back, but maybe not so soon. Gotta work off this meal!