Green Tangerine – Hanoi, Vietnam

As much as I love pho and bun cha, another plus point in my book in Vietnam is the affordable varieties of French food. Well, compared to SIN City, it is definitely much cheaper.

I would highly recommend the Green Tangerine on Hang Be for their affordable lunch sets (3 course meal VND345,000). The ala carte menu is not outrageous either but the lunch set. Wow.

Check out the decor of the place. Very old Euro style.


However I must say, this place is not orthodox French, more of a lovely fusion of Vietnamese herbs and French methods.

I knew we were off to a good start when the appetisers arrived at the table. I picked the “Religieuse” bun stuffed with seafood chowder and wasabi chantilly, and my dining companion had the Trio of Steamed Bass Fish, gazpacho and basil mouse in a soja biscuit.


The mousse concoction looked amazing, be sure to eat the layers all at once for a delightful burst of flavour. It felt almost like an Indonesian otah.

The presentation was impeccable and the taste sublime. The choux pastry was slightly savoury and it went very well with the seafood chowder within, very much like a “bread bowl” but better.

The mains did not disappoint as well.


Behold the Duck fillet in thyme with red wine and macerated grapes, grilled eggplant with lime puree. All of it held together with thick mashed potatoes. Miam! Tender slices of duck breast cooked all pretty in pink, how I wish I could get a good duck breast like that in SIN City!

The Pork Ribs in sweet and sour sauce with ratatouille and potatoes was enormous! 4 large fork-tender ribs covered in a tangy sauce. Absolutely fantastic.

Moving on to dessert. Voila!untitled3

If you are in the mood for an icy dessert, please pick the Green Tangerine filled with frozen Cointreau yoghurt for a refreshing pick-me-up. Or you could have the standard French staple of apple crumble with red fruit and Calvados topped with vanilla ice cream.

Mmm, this is one meal I will not be forgetting in while.

It has been a while since I’ve given a place a raving review, but this one deserves it.