Basil Thai Kitchen – Singapore

Happy holidays everyone! I’ve finally got some time off to run some errands before the year finally comes to a close and I was pleasantly surprised to find something so affordable at the Paragon, no less.

Basil Thai Kitchen at the basement of the Paragon mall on Orchard Road is a bright little spot in the middle of the food wing which serves authentic Thai food with a ton of fresh, you guessed it- basil. Aside from staples such as tom yum soup and pad thai, I decided to take the route less travelled and try some of the little known provincial dishes.


My friend and I ordered a few items to share and one of them was the Tao Khua, a salad style dish from the South of Thailand. From research, I realise that dishes from the south tend to use a lot of rice vermicelli – it kinda reminded me of Vietnamese food.

What I think is a sweet palm sugar sauce and vinegared chilli sauce is tossed with the rice vermicelli, shredded chicken, battered prawns and fried tofu for a spicy-sweet kick to the tongue.


Kheang Khua Poo (top), Yum Woon Sen (bottom)

We also split a typical Yum Woon Sen – glass noodles with loads of garlic, minced chicken, seafood, coriander and chopped chillis in a fish sauce dressing, and a very unique Kheang Khua Poo.

What is KKP you ask? It is not a derivative of the KKK duh. It is a yellow curry teeming with chunks of crab meat and betel nut leaves. My dining companion thoroughly enjoyed this aromatic dish with its rich coconut cream by dipping the tufts of vermicelli in the gravy.

I also adored the raw chopped long beans and shredded cabbage that came with the curry which gave the dish additional texture and a refreshing bite. Imagine that luxurious gravy with a mouthful of vermicelli and then *crunch*. Mmmm.

Will I be back for the basic dishes? Yes I will! I love myself some tom yum soup and pad thai.