Yentafo Kruengsonge – Singapore

Hakka yong tau foo is definitely a dish most SIN City citizens would be familiar with but the Thai version of it is something new to most.

Aside from the similar toppings such as fish balls, squid balls, tofu stuffed fish paste, etc – everything else is completely different. The soup for starters is a lovely pink from the yentafo sauce. I hear there’s fermented red rice or something in the sauce that is added to the soup.

Yentafo Kruengsonge (located in Cineleisure)- I understand means “The best of yentafo” in Thai. This brand is quite popular in Thailand as well as regional countries such as Laos. The menu features authentic Thai levels of spice, but thankfully, there’s a non-spicy version for a wuss like me.

My dining partner picked the dry option of Yentafo Kruengsonge with 9 toppings and a level 3 “Screaming Spicy”. She’s nuts, but she’s a chilli fiend.

As you can see it comes with an assortment of yentafo toppings, water convolvulus stems, fried fish skin and a heft teaspoon of fried garlic and chilli sauce. The black thing in the corner turned out to be grass jelly, from other blogs, I understand that it is meant to simulate pig’s blood as that is not permitted in SIN City.

My friend thoroughly relished this as it reminded her of a much spicier version of our dry yong tau foo.

I had the Tom Yum Yentafo, because I’m a basic bitch that likes my tom yum in Thai place. And I must say it did not disappoint. The clear tom yum – my favourite kind – was sour and aromatic, and chockfull of toppings, straw mushrooms and lemongrass stems.


There’s also a small mound of flat rice noodles beneath. I would also avoid chewing on the dried chillis in this, if I were you! Made that mistake and nearly died. Thank goodness for Thai Iced Milk Tea!

Another dish we ordered to share was the Yum Salmon Fish Skin. A tangy, piquant sauce which was tossed over the crispy fish skin. Absolutely addictive.


I’m always up to try something new, and in this case, I definitely have.

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