Xiao Ya Tou – Singapore

This is a bit of a later-post, but hey most of my posts are. I popped by the hipster “zi char” joint Xiao Ya Tou on Duxton Hill a few weeks ago.

Xiao Ya Tou meaning “little maiden” in Chinese serves local cuisine with a twist (isn’t everything with a twist these days though). They also do localised artisanal cocktails.

The slightly seedy looking decor resembled a Chinese chophouse/gambling den. Of course, nothing sleazy goes on! I think 😛

Anyway, my friends and I shared a couple of dishes for dinner.


We started with the Grilled Egg Plant which came crowned with a miso cured egg and haebi (dried shrimp). Check out that glorious yolk! Eggporn anyone? My only gripe? There was not enough!


Et voila, may I present the Asian Charcuterie Platter and the Char Kway Teow. Although I didn’t see the “Asian” component in the charcuterie platter, there were sizeable portions of pate, rilette, ham and salami. I didn’t care very much for the lettuce leaves or tomatoes though. Perhaps, I’m too French at heart. 😛

That Char Kway Teow though. Amazing. Full of wonderful charred goodness, perfumed with scent of wok-hei. These fried flat noodles are teeming with Chinese waxed sausages, eggs and beansprouts. This permutation is little more reminiscent of the Penang-style with little or no sweet sauce. Hence, its slightly anaemic colour.


What’s a trip to a Chinese restaurant without fried rice? May I present the Wok-fried Rice of Duck Leg. Self-explanatory, it seems. It’s a mound of fried rice in Shaoxing wine, shredded duck thigh and mustard greens for that tangy kick. Once you start you simply cannot stop. And I’m no rice queen. #thatswhatshesaid 😛

I hear that XYT has since started up their brunch menu. I should probably pay them another visit soon.

Visit www.facebook.com/xiaoyatou.sg