The Naked Finn – Singapore

Took a little trip Gillman Barracks for a lovely lunch at The Naked Finn. Known for its fresh sustainable seafood, I had heard a lot about the place – and I was hoping to be suitably impressed.

The lunch menu is much more reasonably priced than the dinner one, which is great news for the wallet! It comprises a nice range of seafood and meat items, so it is not too limited.

We went in a large group of 8 and for some reason, all of us had the our eyes on the Lobster Roll. I know we are basic bitches.


They see me rollin’, they hatin’

I just couldn’t resist that bit of Chamillionaire :P. The lobster rolls come with a side of truffle fries, a choice of either creme fraiche or mayonnaise for the dressing, and a pat of mesclun salad. Check out the chunks of succulent European lobster glistening in a crusty baguette. Mmmm.


I picked the creme fraiche as I’m not really a fan of the goopiness of mayonnaise and I like the tang that creme fraiche actually provides….I know I’m a weird one.

We also did have one of the specials of the day for lunch, fresh shucked oysters topped with a touch of mentaiko.


I like my oysters to be as untouched as possible, so these were jusssstttt right. Usually, I take mine with a squeeze of lemon, that’s all. 🙂

Overall, a pretty good lunch although it’s rather out of the way. I’ll keep this in mind as a “special occasion” place for future reference.

Visit The Naked Finn here.