Matcha Madeleines – Singapore 

It’s been a while since I’ve made these and I just realised I’d completely forgotten to post them.

Now how can I let such pretty photos go to waste? I attempted a green tea madeleine, taken from the Baker & Cook cookbook I received from the chef himself, Dean Brettschneider.

I used silicon baketrays as I have a small convection oven that won’t fit the large metal tray for the traditional madeleine de commercy. And boy, did they turn out pretty enough.

Check it out. All nice and perfect. Although I had to do it in many batches but it was worth it. I’d spring for a better matcha powder in the future for a stronger flavour. I didn’t get the nice rise in the middle, but I’ll figure that out for the next batch.

The recipe yields enough to make over 20 small madeleines.

View the recipe here.