Reuben’s- Montreal, Canada

So while I was in Canada, I made use of the long weekend to take a trip up to Montreal. After a long car ride and a pretty wild night of drinking with some friends. I awoke, hungry and mildly hungover.

In Montreal, I certainly discovered that this city is probably where all “hangover” type food originated. I had an enormous poutine the day before loaded with bacon, onions and mushrooms, cheese curds and brown sauce at Frites Alors.

And today, I went shopping for some smoked meat to take back to my friends in Montreal. Thus, I ended up at Reuben’s for breakfast- a quaint old-style deli.


I was there just in time for breakfast and since I’ve never had a “skillet” meal before, I got the R.D Skillet CAD11. Good god, the portion sizes. It also comes with crusty bread and 2 eggs, juice/coffee/tea. Extremely good value for money.


I sent a photo of this to my friend back in Toronto, and he was like “You’re just eating breakfast poutine.” I had my eggs poached to go with the massive pan of potatoes, onion and smoked meat, which was smothered in cheese.

Artery clogging goodness, but hey, it’s once in a lifetime for me!

Too bad I didn’t have more time in Montreal, I would have loved to have more stomach space for their huge cheesecakes, pancakes and much  more.

Oh, I also walked away with 2lbs of smoked meat for the three boys I was staying with in Toronto for a bang up price of CAD30. Amazing! I was glad I loaded up, so I was satiated for the 6 hour car ride back to Toronto.