Torteria San Cosme -Toronto, Canada

I was exploring the Kensington area and of course, lunch time rolled around. I was so tempted to head back to Seven Lives, but hey, why not try something different?

So, I stopped in Torteria San Cosme, a Mexico City-style street sandwich shop. It serves tortas, which are essentially delicious sandwiches with crusty telera bread – think a Mexican baguette but with a ciabatta texture. As you can see it’s a nice lovely cafe with a very cheerful setting. It also has big picture windows overlooking the street 🙂


There are 9 different tortas on the menu which all sounds mighty fine. Alas, my friend and I had to decide, and we picked the classic Cubana and the Albondigas- then we went halfsies. Behold! They arrived beautifully crusty, warm, and filled with layers of meaty goodness.


Check out the Cubana. The layers of adobo pork, ham, and bacon provided a wonderfully smoky flavour while the avocado and gouda added the perfect amount of creaminess to the sandwich. A hint of spice comes through with the chipotle and mustard dressing as well. Mmmm.


I’ve always loved albondigas. It is no surprise that I absolutely adored this one from San Cosme. A sizeable beef and pork meatball – more of a patty in this context – coated in morita-tomato salsa, chihuahua cheese, avocado and topped with roasted jalapenos finally arrived at the table, much to my delight.

Out of the two sandwiches, I definitely preferred the albondigas for the meatier bite and feel. It kinda reminded me of a street-stand Ramly burger, which gives me a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

There’s just something about ethnic food – Mexican, Jamaican, Chinese, Thai, etc – that your standard Western food cannot beat. I like white people food as much as the next person, but I’d rather eat something which much more flavour, spice and marination. Like this. Omnomnom!