Seven Lives Tacos Y Mariscos – Toronto, Canada

So I definitely went all the way to Canada to have Mexican food….well I got sick of white people food after a while and started craving ethnic food.

Off I went exploring the nearby hipster af enclave known as Kensington Market. The area is known for its many dispensaries, hipster restaurants/coffee places, Caribbean food and super markets, and of course Seven Lives.

Anyone that  knows anything about food will recommend Seven Lives for their stellar tacos and other items.

seven lives

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My friend and I were a little over ambitious, I must admit with the ordering. But only because everything on the menu sounded so good! We had the Baja Fish (fried mahi mahi in cream sauce), the Blackened Mahi Mahi (grilled mahi mahi in spices), Carnitas (slow cooked pork), and the Pulpo a la Mexicana (grilled octopus). All of the tacos come topped with tomato salsa, lettuce and some guacamole.


Oh and we were greedy enough to get the Nachos with fresh Salmon Poke. 😛

What I love about Seven Lives is its affordable grub. A taco here in SIN would set me aside at least $14 for two, here it’s CAD5 each and the specials were CAD10 at most. Excellent for the wallet too.

Behold! Ok, we got the tacos to take away as there were way too many people in Seven Lives. So we had them in the nearby park. Each came in a corn tortilla and look how much ingredients you get for CAD5.

My favourite was definitely the Blackened Mahi Mahi, and the Pulpo a la Mexicana. They were both grilled to perfection and each exuded a smoky flavour that danced around my tongue. Mmmm. I’m thinking of them right now again.

You know when you get good food, sometimes you relive the moment in your head like you do a summer fling? 😛 Ok maybe I’m projecting.



Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 9.41.00 am.pngNACHOOOO! Not so libre, but still delish. Who would have thought that marrying the Hawaiian special of raw salmon poke with guacamole would go superbly with chips? The only thing I dislike was the sprinkling of sugar on on top. Por que?

If you ever head to Kensington, you’ll die and go to foodie heaven. But before you do so, power up on lives at Seven Lives.

Check out their Twitter.