Speculoos S’mores Brownie Pie – Singapore

So, I made a s’mores pie, y’all! I found this recipe off Sally’s Baking Addiction and I tried my hand at it the other day.

Mine didn’t turn out nice and brown like hers, I suppose my oven heat wasn’t strong enough. But it melted the marshmallows into a gooey mess which is good enough for me, but not pretty enough for photos.



Anyway, Graham crackers are notoriously hard to find in SIN City. So I substituted it for the same amount of speculoos cookies, but I didn’t add the 65g of sugar to the crust or any of the sugar to the brownie filling.

The marshmallows and the speculoos crumbs have more than enough sugar, in my opinion. And the pie turned out perfect! I halved the marshmallows as well so I used probably 40% less than what the recipe called for.

I also used Godiva drinking cocoa powder in the brownie filling which resulted in a richer chocolate flavour. Mmmm!

Super easy and quick to make, and with a few minor adjustments (which I do anyway to most recipes I find), I’ve created my own 🙂

Now perhaps, I just need to invest in a blowtorch so I can brulee things to my satisfaction.

Try, try again!