Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum, Jordan, Hong Kong

What else would I be eating at a place called Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum? Fish and chips?

On one of my last few days in Hong Kong, I stepped into Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum for a spot of…well duh.. dim sum.

And I think I ordered the entire menu. Seriously, this is almost all of it. Almost. I probably ate a few dishes before taking a photo… oops. But hey, live a little. 😛


No dim sum meal is complete without char siew bao, and it was wonderfully soft and the meat perfectly caramelised, I probably ate the whole bun in like 2 seconds.

The xiaolongbao though, was a disappointment. This is more of a Shanghainese type dim sum so I’m not surprised that they did not execute this well. The skin was way too thick and the broth kinda, meh. Skip this dish and order other things.


Next up was the har gaus – prawn dumplings, which fared much better. Thin skinned and almost crystal clear to reveal the succulent prawns within. Nom nom nom! My dining companion and I also shared a bowl of century egg congee, because, why not?

I just needed the congee to make my typical Asian breakfast complete, if you know what I mean.  But thank goodness, I still had space for this!


Oh my effing god! This is probably one of the best cheong funs – rice rolls – I’ve had in my life! The rice rolls were smooth and filled with tempura prawns. Each bite brought a savoury crisp texture that complemented the smooth rice rolls to perfection.

I still think about this dish from time to time since I’ve been back to SIN City.

I am so glad I made my companion walk all the way to Dim Dim Sum Dim Sum for breakfast, despite all her complaints. The food definitely more than made up for it!

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