Mak’s Noodles -Jordan, Hong Kong

I know that Mak’s Noodles opened to much hype in Singapore, but I still wanted to try the original one in Hong Kong. You know, it was awarded a Michelin star?

And since my hotel was in the area, I decided to pop by Mak’s Noodles in Jordan for a typical Asian breakfast.

The portions in Singapore are know to be quite small for what it costs, but I must say the one in Hong Kong is much more reasonably portioned.

Being the hungry hippo I am, I ordered a bowl of dumplings in superior broth and a bowl of century egg porridge. Porridge in Asia is very different to what westerners think is porridge. Their version typically comprises oats and it is sweet. Asian versions are savoury and cooked down to a smooth paste for a delicate meal – especially in dim sum restaurants.

mak 1

Normally, I don’t like century egg in SIN City as the smell puts me off, but the ones in Hong Kong are amazing. Plus you haven’t had real congee if you have eaten congee in Hong Kong. The smooth texture of boiled down broken rice, the sweetness of dried scallops and ginger….plus whatever toppings you’ve requested. Absolutely my favourite breakfast food.

The dumplings in superior broth are stellar. The dumplings are generously filled with chestnuts, mushrooms, pork and shrimp as they sit in a broth filled with lilybulbs.

What about the noodles, you ask? Hold your horses. It is called Mak’s Noodles after all and I wasn’t about to leave without savouring their signature dish.


Voila! Those are the same succulent dumplings from the other dish atop thin yellow noodles. There’s something different about the noodles in Hong Kong, perhaps it’s the water or the process, as it has less alkali smell than the yellow noodles we get here in SIN City.

The noodle were softer to the bite and is excellent with the homemade chilli sauce. But to tell you the truth, I preferred my congee over the noodles. Dumplings, I loved.

Mak’s Noodles is located at G/F 51 Parkes Street, Jordan, Kowloon.


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