Australian Dairy Company – Jordan, Hong Kong

Happy New Year everyone! I spent my lovely end to the year in blustering Hong Kong and I loved every minute of it as I spent most of my trip eating. 😀

Every single traveller to Hong Kong has told me to head to this cha chaan teng, and the queue for this are phenomenally long! But, it moves so quickly, you get seated in 10 minutes flat.

So, why is this place called Australian Dairy Company? Well they do not use Australian Milk, but I think one of the owners used to work in an Aussie Milk firm. And that’s how the story goes.


The menu is all in Cantonese but if you can read Chinese it’s all the same meaning anyway. So in my broken Cantonese I ordered the quick set which came with their famous scrambled eggs, buttered toast, cheap ham, and a large bowl of macaroni soup with char siew.

But do be really fast because service here is brusque, harsh and truly Hong Kong. Everyone is yelling all the time and you might catch a “chao hai” here and there. Cantos, you know what I mean.


The scrambled eggs are very good. Impossibly fluffy and light, but what really made the dish are the thick slices of white bread slathered in salted butter. Mmmm. I’ll get this to go next time.

Is it worth the hype, not really. But considering I only waited 10 minutes…. eh. Can’t complain.

Australian Dairy Company’s address is:

47 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong