Brother Bird – Singapore

I’m on an ice-cream trip lately. Well mostly because I’m a sad dumpee. So, how else do you get over a heartbreak than with copious amounts of ice-cream? Very rom-com, but hey, don’t judge me.

Anyhoo, I went to Brother Bird with a very encouraging girlfriend and we ordered two large “poop” serves.

Why did I call them poop serves?



Brother Bird is known for their green tea and speculoos soft serves that come atop either a deep-fried rice doughnut, or three doughnut holes filled with lava egg custard (liusha doughnuts).

The place also serves a swirled soft serve as a fancy sundae of sorts. I must warn you though that the place smells like oil. So be prepared to stink if you sit too near the kitchen!


So, the rice doughnut was definitely my favourite amongst the two desserts I ordered. It smelled slightly of over-used oil, but the mochi-like texture and the lovely matcha soft-serve went together like well, waffles and ice-cream. Duh. The accompanying bits of Post cereal at the bottom also provided extra crunch and a tartness from the dehydrated berries.

Needless to say, I ate this all by myself. Felt slight embarrassed but still very satisfied.


It was almost impossible to take a “egg porn” shot, as the custard within didn’t really flow. I found the speculoos soft-serve + the liusha doughnut too sweet a combination for me, but my friend slurped it all up.

But if I had to choose which of the two was worth my calorie expenditure, I have to say – rice doughnut. Hands down.

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