Karafuru – Singapore

Those who know me well, know that one of my favourite pastry shops in Singapore is Windowsill Pies. And lo and behold was I happy to find out that the brains behind those delicious pies spawned another yummy concept, Karafuru.

Karafuru – a Japlish way of saying colourful, I suppose – is a new-ish dessert cafe that opened in the heart of the Arab Street area, a couple of months ago.

Apart from wonderfully bright – albeit small- pieces of eclairs a la L’Eclair Genie in Paris, they also specialise in Japanese-style yoghurt parfait desserts.

Check it out!


Gianduja Parfait

This intricately plated creation features yoghurt soft-serve, a citrus souffle cake, candied orange peel, gianduja cream, praline sable, curacao creme and sauce, and chocolate feuilletine studded with orange peel. The curacao sauce came in a nondescript pitcher that I emptied over the dessert with glee.

As good as the gianduja was, my favourite dessert was definitely the Daizu.


Daizu – 大豆

The same yoghurt soft-serve adorns this dish but the components of this one are simply divine. Some would say this is an acquired taste, but I have definitely acquired it. This one comes with a white miso souffle cake, soy milk pudding, kuromitsu, kurogoma sable, dango, rice crispies and kinako cream. The resulting dessert is savoury-sweet with multi-layered textures ranging from crunchy, chewy and airy soft.

I have not had the time lately, but I look forward to coming back for the yuzu or the pancake dessert.

Visit their Facebook page here.