By The Fire – Singapore

Hey yo, I’m back. Got my head screwed back on in the right direction and I can finally enjoy my meals once again.

I gently introduced my stomach to foodie-dom once again by settling for this hawker centre based stall, By The Fire at Alibabar Eating House. This stall is by the same people behind Immanuel’s Kitchen as well.

The food is priced economically at $6 for a Scotch egg. Did I just say Scotch egg? Yes I did.


Check out the runny yolk and soft whites encased within a fried sausage shell. Mmmm! It comes atop a bed of purple cabbage slaw with bits of raisins. Perhaps two of these might make a perfect brunch, and it’s still cheaper than random eggs ben from a so-so cafe.

My dining companion and I were feeling indulgent so we had the BBQ Pork Ribs (it was supposed to come with Mac & Cheese, but my friend switched it out for corn) and the Hanger Steak.


The Hanger Steak was perfectly pink and medium rare. Just the way I liked it. The fried baby potatoes covered with mayonnaise was a nice touch as well. Talk about having a meat and potatoes day! If I recall right this succulent, meaty dish cost me below $20.

The BBQ Pork Ribs were sticky-sweet and smoky, and the meat fell off the bone at the slightest prodding. The portions sizes are fairly decent for the prices they charge. But if you are expecting a humongous slab of meat, you might be disappointed.

But, by the end of this meal. I was filled. Brimming even.

So, lunch was slightly more expensive but still much cheaper than popping into a restaurant that will charge you an arm and a leg.


Update: By the Fire has changed its name to Garçons.