Un Zebre a Montmartre – Paris, France

Walking around Montmartre in Paris is always an adventure with its cobblestone floors and artsy crowd. Plus quite a good workout for the legs due to all the hills.

Which is great because you really feel like you worked for your meal. Craving a good magret de canard, I stumbled upon Un Zebre a Montmartre (don’t ask me why they named the bistro that).  And I had one of the best duck breasts of my trip.


Voila! Behold, a perfect rose duck breast drenched in a spiced honey sauce and topped with cooked grapes. Side dishes of fresh haricot vert and herbed potatoes completed the meal. The duck is tender, juicy and the sauce was simply divine. A little sweet towards the end, but hey, that’s why you have the free bread in Paris. 😀


My dining companion had a rare ribeye seasoned with just a little garlic, salt and pepper. The way good steaks are supposed to be. The service is pretty quick and good (for Paris). And I would recommend this spot for anyone who’d like a meal in Montmartre but would like to avoid the tourist traps.

Just a point to note, if you’re coming in during meal time but only want starters or desserts, you might be turned away as you’ll need to get at least a main. I only say this because I saw two American girls get turned away for only wanting starters at dinner time, which in my opinion completely understandable from the restaurant’s point of view.

Anyhoo, I won’t be headed back to Paris in a while. I’ve recently suffered quite a traumatic split and I have no reason to travel there for the moment. I still love the city and I probably be back in two years or so. I’ll try to post as much as I can on the other places I’ve been visiting, but I seek your kindness and understanding if I go MIA for a bit. 🙂

Visit zebreamontmartre.fr/en