Comme à Lisbonne – Paris, France

The best part of Paris or any other European city is the walking. These streets were made for walking. The weather is nice and dry, the streets are teeming with people going about their day. It’s nice. In Asia or SIN City for that matter, we are usually huddled in public transport or in a car because it is simply not walkable.

Anyhoo, while I was exploring one of my favourite areas of Paris, Le Marais, I stumbled upon a a Portuguese joint with a long queue snaking out of it. And this is why.


Who would have thought that I’d find a good pasteis de nata (Portuguese egg tart) in Paris? I didn’t stop to eat it in the store, and I got it to go but oh my, was it good.


Thanks to our very own Boca in Singapore, I am familiar with these birds. There are a breed of swallows in Portugal that return home to the same nest every migratory year. They are also said to have only one mate for life. Isn’t that sweet….(I’m not even being sarcastic here).

Anyway, there was a crowd of tourists in front of me that I gave a death glare to as they were insisting on using a credit card for purchase that was less than 15 euros and they were holding up the entire queue. They even “demanded to see the manager”, before taking a step back on to my foot. :@

Well, they don’t take cards below a certain amount due to the credit charges they receive and it is not viable for an SME (completely understandable). So, don’t be a dick and pay in cash if you’re just buying just a tart or two.

The tarts are oh-so-worth-it. Warm, flaky and buttery with creamy custard encased within. A dash of cinnamon on top and you’re good to go. If I recall right it’s only about 2 euros a tart and 12 euros for a box of six. You can even order them online to ensure you have a box.

IMG_1338 (1)

A must-try with a hot cuppa if you’re ever in Marais.