Brasserie Barbès – Paris, France

When I was in Paris, I stayed in this lovely apartment complex in Chateau Rouge. Chateau Rouge is near the Montmartre area and the Sacre Coeur area is it is teeming with pickpockets, so do be very careful if you’re in that area with your belongings.

Right near Chateau Rouge is Barbès (Metro: Barbès-Rochechouart). And there’s a new hipster cafe and bar nestled right by the station that you cannot miss. Of course, the Parisians are quibbling about the gentrification of the area due to the opening of expensive (for the area) places like this. Bref, while it is there, I’m going to visit it.

I went there twice on my own, once for lunch and another for breakfast.

The wait staff are the epitome of hipster with lumbersexuals, magnificent coiffed beards, tattoos and retro glasses. You get the picture. Vraiment bobo hipster image aside, the food was actually not bad too.


I was craving a steak tartare very badly and I was happy to find that Brasserie Barbès does a great one. Fresh red tenderloin is cut into fine cubes and mixed with sweet onions, spring onions, capers and topped with gherkins. It was also flavoured with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and perhaps a dash of vinegar. Don’t be fooled by that lump of meat, it is actually quite substantial. I would say it is about 120g to 150g. And check out the golden fried chips on the side. Miam!

Shortly after, on a Sunday, I was out and about hunting for food. And on a Sunday, you’d better hurry if you want food. Si, tu as fait une grasse matinée…désolée, tu n’as rien trouvé. 

Donc, I headed to Barbès once again for their breakfast menu. It’s nothing special, but it was done well. I ordered the eggs over easy with a side of bacon. And look at my plate.


I was expecting just 2 eggs, but I got 3 :O. A fresh mache salad topped with fried potatoes and 2 slices of brioche. Not bad I must say, it is better than most of the brunches I get in SIN.

Well of course, I’m not saying this place is by any means cheap. But if you live in SIN, it is about the same price as any random cafe or average restaurant.

Check out their menu on their website.