Sadaharu Aoki – Paris, France

Aah, Paris. C’est toujours aigre-douce! Paris is always a city that I have a strange attachment to but this time around its extremely bittersweet. Bitter because I’m leaving soon (and a few more reasons), but sweet because I’m there.

Speaking of sweet, I visited the Sadaharu Aoki tea room whilst I was in Paris. The tea room is actually located in a quiet district of Port Royal (if you’re taking the train it’s an RER station) and within walking distance of Jardin Luxembourg.

Pretty macarons and chocolate truffles greet you as you look over the display, and a little off to the side you’ll see an array of viennoiseries and confectionaries. I was too full to stomach the green tea croissant and I kind of regret it, but hey there is always next year.

So I had the matcha mousse salted caramel tart and their version of the Isapahan gros macaron.


It looks almost like an enticing bullseye doesn’t it? The thick and gooey salted caramel was complemented by the light matcha mousse, creating a perfect blend of smoky sweetness and aromatic musk. Absolutely sinful, but I walk at least three hours a day in Paris, so I think I deserve it.

My tea companion’s Isaphan was equally intricate and well-made.


The shells are piped by hand as you can see and slathered with rose water and lychee infused cream, and dotted with fresh raspberries. A sprinkling of pistachios and powdered sugar adorns the top shell.

What I love about the pastries at Sadaharu Aoki is how well it keeps its shape after being cut into. It does not fall apart or disintegrate, each piece you get cuts cleanly and you get a mouthful of all the carefully layered elements.