Salsamenteria di Parma Milano – Milan, Italy

What’s a trip to Italy without a proper Italian meal complete with cheese and cold cuts?

My travel companions and I were hunting for food near Duomo and we came across this cold cuts shop which seemed very small but extended all the way downstairs. Beer bottles and cured meats greet you as you walk in and the friendly staff beckon you to a cosy table.

After being served cups of Prosecco, we selected a platter of cold cuts to whet our appetite.


Ok, maybe more than a few…. 😛

So, let’s start with the platter. We had a platter filled with salami di felino, mortadella and gola. The gola was some of the best I’ve ever had with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Just look at the lovely amounts of marbled fat on the meat and its edges. Probably not the best for your body, but I’ll worry about that later.


We also had a serving of tender pork cheek with a side of fried polenta and some pesto gnocchi (which I don’t have a close up of, sorry.) The cheek yielded to the slightest pressure of the fork and shredded just like chicken. I must say the cheek is my second favourite cut of pork. My ultimate fav is still the belly, of course. I overdosed on gnocchi since coming to Europe. It’s so hard to find good ones in SIN. So, there was a silver lining to the shitty situation I was in…. haha!


We also had a small platter of parma ham and a side of burratina. My dining companion practically finished this whole plate by herself (because it was in front of her), that selfish bitch…. LOL. But what little I managed to get of it was as good as the rest of the cold cuts but even better with the creamy, fresh burratina.

We ended the meal with a quintessential panna cotta that came with three different sauces and berries. You see blueberry coulis, passionfruit sauce and chocolate sauce.


Brava, Milan!


The site plays music, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!