Padenus – Milan, Italy

If you’re in the Porto Venezia area in Milan, I highly recommend this hipster bar Padenus for an aperitif and a subsequent meal. By the time I got to dinner I lost count of how many glasses of prosecco I had (well probably only about 3). Dining in Milan is definitely at least 40% cheaper than in Paris.

The place is suitably young with families and groups of friends gathering for dinner and a large array of antipasti was laid out on the bar for those having the aperitif menu.

My dining companions and I were hungry for dinner at that point which was about 7.30pm. A little early for an Italian dinner but they had their mains available anyway.


The place also serves fresh pressed juices for “detox” cures and  flu busters etc. Yeah, it is that kind of hipster bar. My companions decided on a plain pizza pomodoro and a light fresh prawn salad as they were still full from lunch.

Well, as for me…. I was craving meat. Raw meat. So, I had steak tartare. I know, I know. Steak tartare in Italy? I had steak tartare a few more times after I left for Paris.  But the one at Pandenus was served beautifully.

My dish took the longest despite not requiring any cooking. Which made me a little angsty as I was already hungry by then.


And then I realised they spent time fitting the meat into a round mould and sticking chopped pistachios on the edges. The raw egg yolk was served on the side so I could mix it in on my own.

My dining companions were squeamish at me chowing down on raw meat, but hey, I didn’t need to share. 😛

The side of fried potatoes were a little under done, so I didn’t bother finishing them. Perhaps sticking with regular fries would have been better.

Anyhoo, I had my meat fix, so I was a happy girl.

Do check out Padenus if you’re in the area. Oh tourists, wifi is free here too.