Pasticceria Cova – Milan, Italy

Poof! From Luxembourg to Italy. Well, I’ll just say it was an unexpected turn of events that resulted in me coming to Milan, but hey, when in Rome…(or in Milan) do as the Romans (Milanese) do.

As I was walking around Via Monte Napoleone, I stumbled upon a very proper and Italian pastry, bar and tea room named Pasticceria Cova. Don’t let the name fool you it does not only serve pastries. The store serves an array of savoury munchies, gelato and main courses too.

So I sat down with my dining companions for an afternoon drink and I was pleasantly surprised to find that each drink order was about 8 to 10 euros, but it comes with an assortment of small plates!


Little finger sandwiches topped with goat cheese, pistachios and apricot, parma ham and hard cheese, chips, little vol au vents stuffed with capsicum puree and filo pastry squares – arrived at our table.

In addition to that, I ordered a slice of cassata – cake filled with ice cream and fruit- and a small assortment of tarts and a mini cannoli.


It was all amazing. Cream and ricotta cheese filled centres with flaky pastry, what can go wrong there? A single bite brought me to heaven. Maybe not to heaven, but a sugar high at least.

If you wish to stand at the bar with a beer in head and nibble at the bites available on the counter, you can do that as well! Maybe you pay less coperta (table tax) too.