Quadro Delizioso – Luxembourg

Well, I passed through Luxembourg on my last trip. I was going to spend a little longer there but some shit went down and I had to move off elsewhere. But while I was there, I dined at a restaurant near the apartment I was staying at.

Luxembourg does not really have it’s own cuisine, which explains the Italian food, but it really is a good Italian restaurant. I walked pass Quadro Delizioso several times and it is always filled with people.

So, I decided to go try. And I must say, it may be an Italian place but the portion sizes are still distinctly German.


The pizzas are all made in a wood-fired oven and most of them have such funny names inspired by celebrities, like Pizza Al Pacino or Pizza Sofia Loren. We had the Pizza Toto that came with fresh tomatoes, parmesan, capers, olives and anchovies. The crust was crisp to the bite which then gave way to a chewier texture with the fillings.

We also ordered the Orecchiette Al Forno. A very very large casserole dish of ear-shaped pasta, meatballs, egg and ham. Technically this was my dish, and I could not finish. I had enough for lunch the next day!


Luxembourg is so small and buses take you almost everywhere in 20 minutes. Quadro Delizioso is worth a visit to Gasperich for meal and a glass of vino.

Who would have thought it, Italian food in Luxembourg.

Visit www.restaurantquadrodelizioso.lu/en