Fin de Siecle – Brussels, Belgium

When I say that the food in Brussels is absolutely decadent, I am not exaggerating in the least.

Whilst still full from my lunch at Kombjima, I headed to the highly recommended Fin de Siecle in Brussels. The restaurant serves hearty Belgian cuisine with an array of beers, ciders and wines.

The menu is only available in curvy script on the blackboards which makes reading for a myopic like me super fun. *insert sarcasm here). But I managed anyway. If you do go there, you’ll notice that the prices all end in weird numbers, that’s because they converted the prices directly from the Belgian franc before the Euro conversion.

Oh, they only accept cash. So be sure to have enough on you.


I had the traditional Flemish dish of Stoemp which comprises a coarse pork sausage akin to the British banger atop a extremely generous bed of mashed potatoes. The portion sizes in Brussels tend to veer towards the mammoth, I guess they take after the Dutch in this aspect. But hey, if you’re super hungry this is perfect.

And not a vegetable in sight, for you meat lovers!


My dining companion had the rabbit cooked in kriek – a type of cherry beer. Now, I’ve had hare before but not rabbit. I wouldn’t order it on my own, but if I was served rabbit, I would eat it anyway. I’m not adverse to game, unless it’s smelly. And rabbit was actually surprisingly “chickenish”.

And I’m not trying to be funny by saying it “tastes like chicken!” but it had a similar texture with meat that shredded easily. The sauce added a certain yeasty sweetness to the meal, and I love how it actually came with decent vegetables. I actually missed vegetables after 3 days in Belgium.

If Fin de Siecle is too crowded, you can head to 9 et Voisins on the same street. They are owned by the same people. The same menu,  prices and payment methods apply.

They have no official website but here is the link to their Tripadvisor page.