Le Funambule – Brussels, Belgium

When in Belgium, have waffles. Lots and lots of waffles. And fries. And beer.

Seriously, the food in Brussels is incredibly decadent, so it is best to have a travel companion with you to split the calories. 😀

I already had those pricy waffles at Maison Dandoy, so it’s time to see how well the little waffle stands are at the Grand Place. I went to the highly recommended Le Funambule which is quite near the iconic Manneken Pis – a.k.a the peeing statue of a boy.

For starters, most of the waffle stands in the area display their wares like this.


Have you seen anything more beautiful than this? As much as I would love to have a cream topped waffle with a hundred different condiments, I chose to let the waffle speak for itself with a simple caramel topped one.


Ta dah! And oh my god, was it good. The waffle came hot off the griddle with crisp edges in chewy insides. The caramel sauce drenched the entire waffle in sticky, sweet and smoky goodness. Now this is what I call a “Belgian” waffle.

Other options include, Nutella, chocolate, Chantilly cream, and fruit with various types of sauce smothering the waffle. But the waffles are good enough without all that extra stuff.


Visit www.lesgaufresdemanneken-pis.be