Kombijma – Brussels, Belgium

After wandering around the Saint Catherine area in Brussels and realising that many of the seafood restaurants I wanted to visit were either super crowded or looked super touristy, I finally ended up in this local bistro.

Kombijma feels welcoming with the owners enjoying a glass of rose on the front porch while serving guests at the same time. At least, when I was there.

The bistro serves typical Franco-Belgian fare and this is where I got my taste of the famous moules frites – mussels and fries. They had several options of mussels – cooked in white wine, cooked in vegetable broth etc. I picked the latter one and I was not disappointed.


It helps that mussels were in season, so I had juicy big ones (pun fully intended). The mussels came sitting in a flavourful vegetable broth filled with parsley, sweet white onions and celery. And yes, I ate the whole pot all by myself. The fries came in a small bowl on the side, just in case you were wondering.


My dining companion had the beef tartare with pesto. Now that was an interesting combination for tartare. Usually it is the typical tart and vinegary marinade, but the pesto gave the meat a smoother and creamier texture. I’m not mad at this tartare. I just wish they’d cut the spring onions a little finer and not leave them in big chunks like this. I’m not eating raw burger you know.

We skipped dessert as we could barely finish our food. Everything in Brussels is simply too decadent and filling! I was in a perpetual food coma during the few days I was there.


Visit www.kombijma.be