Maison Dandoy – Brussels, Belgium

Hey y’all, sorry to have gone missing again. I was travelling :D. And because of my travels I am able to write about the wonderful food I’ve eaten while I’ve been gone, so it hasn’t been all bad :).

I’ve had a whirlwind and a very eventful trip to Europe this time around. But food has always been the constant. So what do you do when you’re in Brussels. Well, you hunt for beer, waffles and mussels. And did I have all three? Yes I did.

Let’s start with the waffles.

I decided to treat myself to a good breakfast at a famed tearoom in Brussels. Maison Dandoy has been around since 1829 so I am certain they know what they are doing. In all honesty, it was a little expensive, but worth a try.

The tearoom serves an assortment of waffles in the Liege and Brussels style – the Liege waffle is the irregular shaped one and the latter is the rectangular one.

I also had the recommended Pain a la Grecque. And let’s just say it was a sugar bomb.

Check it out.

IMG_1158 (1)

The Pain a la Grecque (Greek Bread) is super sweet! If you have an uber sweet tooth, you’d love this. It is essentially a piece of bread sprinkled with brown sugar, white sugar and cinnamon. Yup. I was not kidding about the sugar bomb. I had to shake some of it off before I could eat it.


I decided to stick with the Liege style waffle coated in chocolate as it looked more appealing than the rectangle ones.

The waffle was slightly underwhelming as there are much cheaper options around the area. However, it was still not bed with its slightly crisp edges and pillowy texture.

On the whole, it’s worth a try but there are cheaper options elsewhere, especially on the Grand Place.

Visit Maison Dandoy’s website here.