Meat Liquor – Singapore

I was pretty excited to visit the new Meat Liquor in Duxton Hill that hails all the way from London. It may be from the land of the Union Jack, but once I was in the bar (after waiting about 20 minutes with a beer in hand), I felt like I was in an episode of Diners, Drive ins and Dives.

All that was missing was Guy Fieri yelling in my face “That’s money!”

The place is pretty loud and I was almost shouting so be prepared for that. However, the food is worth all of that. Oh and of course the craft beer. I had some banana bread beer, that was exciting. But the burgers made me all warm and tingly.



The burgers come with no sides but my friend and I ordered the highly recommended Sambal Fries. Uh oh, I know what you’re thinking. But no, it was not that spicy. Golden shoestring fries are drowned in the house-made sambal sauce after being topped with a fried egg. Fried onions are sprinkled liberally on the top for extra fragrance.

However, this is a fry that I will not order again. I’m more a chilli cheese fries kinda girl. This one reminded me of the pedas sauce in the Indonesian assam pedas dish. So, I guess I’m eating kentang pedas?

The burgers. Oh-my-effing-god. They were sinful, artery-clogging and oh-so-good!

meat 1

I had the classic Bacon Cheeseburger – a juicy medium pink patty, streaky bacon, red onions, pickles, lettuce, cheese and the quintessential mustard-ketchup mix. All of that tender goodness was between buttered brioche buns. Is it possible to marry a burger, because I believe I have found the one.

My friend had the even more decadent Buffalo Chicken Burger. It is as good as it sounds. Imagine a boneless chicken fillet slathered in a piquant buffalo wing marinade and covered with blue cheese sauce. Shredded lettuce and red onions complete this burger.

Despite being covered in sauce, the chicken remained crisp with a satisfying crunch. Be warned, this one is uber messy. Have the kitchen towels ready (the restaurant so thoughtfully provides them on the table). But I came doubly prepared with my own wet wipes!

Each burger $16 to $24 (which is still cheaper than that damn Potato Head Folk), and it is infinitely better in taste and presentation. If you’re laying off the carbs, you can request for your burgers to come protein style, which is what I’ll do the next round to compensate for the chilli fries.