Four Seasons – Singapore

I was fairly excited to visit Four Seasons when they finally opened in branch in Singapore at the newly revamped Capitol Piazza, after I had a great experience with it in London.

And I was not disappointed. Although I felt that it was a little pricy compared to other “London ducks” here from Legendary Hong Kong and the equally new London Fat Duck in Scotts Shopping Centre.

I love duck, but usually I don’t really eat it in Asia as the ducks here tend to be really tough and gamey. I love a good duck confit or a magret au canard in Europe any day. I suppose it might be the better feed, the air and free range quality of the ducks bred in Europe.


My dining companion and I ordered the Pipa Tofu, a portion of char siew, a portion of roasted pork belly and a portion of the famous roast duck. And just to feel a little healthier, a side of French beans.

four season 1

The roast pork was simply amazing – super fatty with a crispy rind. The char siew was a little too sweet for my liking, but the sauce goes well with a bowl of steaming white rice. The duck had a lovely crisp skin that separated from the meat easily, but I do think the restaurant was a little zealous with the homemade secret sauce and it made the skin a little soggy on some parts of the duck.


Ok, I actually ordered this Pipa Tofu dish by accident. What I really wanted was this salted egg tofu dish, but I think I misread the menu and ended up with this. But It was a happy accident as I loved the little balls of tofu and fish paste. The baby corn, mushrooms, black fungus and  sweet peas that came with the dish help cut through the decadence of all that roast meat.

All that was well and good, but I really wanted my salted egg…. 😦 Ah well, next time.

However, I do think the Singapore side might need to do a little price adjustment to make it a little more competitive. But I do appreciate them making smaller tables for two in a Chinese restaurant. Usually its these huge 8 to 10 seaters.

Hmm they don’t seem to have a website. But here is their address.

13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #02-27/28/29 Singapore 178905