Dazzling Cafe – Singapore

With a name like that, Dazzling Cafe has high expectations to meet. So did they meet my expectations?


Ironically a honey toast cafe that prides itself on its desserts actually had better mains. It opened to much fanfare with many celebrities in attendance, I know not why. But it is smart marketing on their part.  My friends and I had the Truffle Risotto, the Caesar Salad and the Duck L’Orange Pasta to start.  

The Duck L’Orange pasta fared the best of all with its al dente pasta in a sweet orange sauce. It comes topped with a medium-rare seared duck breast as well.

The Truffle Risotto was next with its warm and  comforting textures. My only gripe was that it was not al dente and it was more mui fan like then risotto. But I guess they catered it to Asian taste, it is a chain from Taiwan after all. The Caesar Salad is far from healthy by the way.  It comes slathered in mayonnaise and topped with croutons, fried chicken and Parmesan.

It was good, but I kept thinking to myself that I should have saved those calories for another dessert!

After all that we proceeded with the supposed piece de resistance of dessert. Emphasis on supposed.

The Classic Honey Toast was stale on the outside but had soft buttery bread-sticks within. That was disappointing.

But what I found odd was the waitress that kept hurrying us to finish with our pictures while she cut up the toast for us as “table service”. She didn’t do it well mind you. Just cut it open to show us the bread-sticks within and then left us to do the distribution.

That defeats the purpose of table service, honey.

The waffle we chose was the Valhrona one and we added mochi, which came within the waffle and a side of Bailey’s ice cream.  The waffles were much better than the toast, but midway through I was wondering “Mochi, where art thou?”.

Turns out they stuffed it in the waffle batter. Each “petal” has one sad piece of mochi. I’d rather them be sprinkled on top. And since they charge extra for ice cream and mochi, I felt a little cheated by the mochi.

Anyway it was rather strange that a cafe that was marketed for their dessert actually did better mains. Not worth queuing for in my opinion, but all right if you don’t have to wait too long.

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