Capri Trattoria – Singapore

Wow, I’ve been going to Italian restaurants a lot lately. I’ve been spacing the blog posts out so it’s not too Italian. Haha!

Although Capri Trattoria has been around since 2011 and a new owner took it over last year and the menu has changed extensively since. They pride themselves in educating Singaporeans about different types of Italian food from different parts of Italy.

Hey, Italian food is not only carbonara and bolognese or pizza!

When I was there they were serving their specials for June which featured the Calabria region in the Southwest of Italy.

capri 1

And the meal started off in a typical Italian fashion with a Tagliere Caserccio platter of antipasti filled with cold cuts like bresaola -cured beef, capicola – pork neck and pancetta. It came drizzled with olive oil and pickled chillis for that extra spicy kick. Very unique indeed.

My dining companions and I also had the Gamberi e Cappsante alle Erbe filled with juicy fresh prawns and scallops seasoned  with herbs and seared in olive oil.  I loved the extra sundried tomatoes and olives that came with it. I would highly recommend this dish to seafood lovers. (More to come for seafoodies)

capri 2

And now we’ve arrived at this specialty from Calabria, a homemade Pasta Riccia all’nduja. What is Nduja (say N-duya)? It is spicy pork paste that is tossed in spices and a ton of chilli flakes. It has a slightly pungent aroma akin to ahem…spam. Sorry to make that comparison.

Capri does it very well with it thick “crinkle cut” pasta slathered in the nduja and ricotta cheese that takes away some of the edge from the chillis.

The main dish from the a la carte menu orginates from Lombardy in the North, the Cotoletta alla Milanese (aka, Veal escalope/schnitzel), is super thick. And it was intentional. Most escalopes and thinly pounded before being coated and fried, but this one was very juicy and had a nice bite to it. I do think this is a dish that is better to share as you might get sick of it midway.


And now for my favourite, the Cacciucco alla Livornese from Tuscany. Yeah, Capri takes you for a trip indeed. This Italian take on my favourite dish of bouillabaisse is very economical at $28 and the wide variety of seafood is amazing. Filled with shellfish, prawns, squids, crayfish and cod fillets, the tomato based soup is flavoured with a generous helping of herbs and onions. Dunk the side of bread in there and wash it soak up all of the soap for a comforting addition to the dish.

By then, we were a little stuffed. So we ordered a couple of limoncellos and amarettos as a digestif but we simply could bot resist the Torta al Limone.


The warm lemon cake is pleasantly dense in texture but light in taste. I know that sounds contradictory, but try it and you’ll know what I mean.