Uma Uma Ramen – Singapore 

I was quite excited to find out that Iggy’s restaurant actually brought in a Hakata ramen chain to Singapore. But after visiting Uma Uma Ramen, I must say that I was underwhelmed. My friend and I ordered the Garlic Ramen and the Bushi Tonkotsu Ramen and both were kinda meh.  

First for the good.

The ramen with the lime on top is the Bushi Ramen, a tonkotsu ramen with thicker Sapporo noodles, bonito flakes, bamboo shoots and chashu.  The broth was slightly overpowered by the chopped onions but the noodles were hard and chewy, and the chashu was fatty. Just the way I liked it.

I found the ramen egg a little over cooked though.  Now, the bad. The Garlic Ramen that was so recommended by other food blogs. It came with hard Hakata style thin noodles which was great, but everything went downhill from there.  The garlic and and onions were simply too overpowering and had a slight burnt taste. They were also generous with the raw beansprouts in the soup.

Thus, the broth smelled very earthy (in a bad way) due to the raw beansprouts. Disappointed, much?  

And now the One-Bite Gyozas. The filling was a little too fine, resulting in no-bite. And it wasn’t really wrapped properly as well. Why you like this, Uma Uma?

Overall despite the near hits and mostly misses, it’s still not a bad ramen joint, just not the best. Perhaps my expectations were too high.