Haha Thai – Singapore

If you’re unfamiliar with the Thai language, Ha = 5. So literally it means 55 Thai. And in internet slang 55555 means seafood which goes by market price. IMG_0503 I went to Haha Thai for my own belated birthday dinner with two other friends and we had a feast. I must say the portions are a little on the small side, but the overall experience was authentic enough. haha 1 We shared two starter dishes of Fish Otah and Tom Yum Talay clear – seafood tom yum with no coconut milk (because I’m allergic). The tom yum soup was authentically hot, sour and you can see bits of chopped chilli padi in the lemongrass broth. *_* Boy was I going to feel it tomorrow. The Fish Otah reminded me of the newspaper wrapped Muar mackerel otah with fragrant rempah, a smidge of coconut milk (which I paid for the next day). #anythingforfood haha 2\ We also shared a deep fried pile of crispy Egg Floss, Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crabs and Pad Thai. The hallmark of a good Thai place lies in the Pad Thai, and it was excellent. The taste of tamarind provided that tart flavour that some local pad thais lack. The Salted Egg Soft-Shell Crabs were a little uneven and I think they could do better as it was a little too oily, and all the salted egg lay at the bottom of the dish of grease that pooled at the bottom of the bowl. IMG_0495 Another quintessential Thai dish would be either the Pineapple Fried Rice or the Olive Rice. If you can’t decide between the flavours, I suggest the Haha Fried Rice, which is a sampler platter of three different flavours of fried rice – we picked olive, pineapple and green curry. The other two options were sambal and tom yum. I loved the green curry rice as they really captured the essence of the dish in the fried rice. It’s also quite spicy so all you chilli queens out there would love it. The pineapple rice and olive rice were of the standard quality, good and safe choices. Nothing to shout about. They do have desserts like mango sticky rice and Thai-ramisu, which is a tiramisu made from Thai iced tea. But we decided to try the Instagram worthy Red Velvet Lava Cake with a side of coconut ice cream, and it was a mistake. The filling within had separated resulting in a disgusting gooey mix that looked like blood and mucus. Plus the cake had a little dent on the top when it arrived and my first words were “That looks like an anus.” So we had a few hahas at Haha Thai. I’ll be back to try the other stuff on the menu. Visit www.facebook.com/HahaThaiRestaurant