The Lokal – Singapore

So, I was stood up the other day all the way up in Sin Ming Avenue, thus I met another friend back in Outram Park to salvage my Friday night. And it was a perfect night out.

We headed to the Lokal for the first time with mounting trepidation as we’ve heard lots of good stuff about the dinner menus. And ok, she had the Entertainer app with the 1-for-1 special on the mains.

This Aussie-inspired place makes dishes from scratch and fresh ingredients. Oh yes. No fake processed stuff here. It was too late to have coffee, so I had a homemade Strawberry and Basil Soda and my friend had a really complicated Iced Green Lemon Ginger Tea. The food took a little while to arrive, but maybe it felt like a long time because I was #hangry. IMG_0364

So, we ordered the Slipper Lobster Linguine and the Prime Sirloin Tagliata. The pasta was al dente (thank goodness) and I do think they’ve used some bisque as the base for a moreish and briny feel.

They did not ask how I wanted the sirloin done – medium rare, thanks – but it came medium in the middle but well done at the edges.

My friend doesn’t like bloody steak, so that suited her just fine, but for me. Eh. But it was still tender and juicy. And the ring of beef fat… don’t even get me started. Mmm.

We decided to skip dessert at The Lokal and move off to Mad About Sucre instead.

So voila, that’s my Friday night. Yeah, no crazy parties for me. Just food and friends. Good enough for me!