2it & Drink – Singapore

I’ve always wanted to visit OTTO Ristorante but I’ve never had the chance or the occasion. But, now that they’ve opened 2it & Drink at Valley Point – a convivial dining offshoot of OTTO- I’ll be going there more often. The pasta at 2it & Drink is made in a bubble window “pasta lab”. I saw maccheroni drying in the lab as I walked pass. So, yes the pasta is FRESH. I cannot begin to tell you how much better fresh pasta is than dried ones. Yes, each plate of pasta may be $20 something a plate, but you pay for quality. With 5 friends I headed to 2it & Drink on Friday and we had 4 pastas, a calamari and a Diavola pizza. IMG_0134   We orders a Linguine Vongole, a Spaghetti Carbonara, a Beef Agnolotti and a Beef Lasagna. You guys, the Carbonara recipe here is the real deal. No cream is used in this carbonara, just egg yolks. SO GOOD. It’s thick, a little sticky and goopy. The pastas were all al dente. No pandering to local tastes here. The vongole was a little on the small side but it was briny and had the fragrance of white wine. The Agnolotti was wonderful. There were at least 10 pieces of agnolotti filled with beef and smothered in mushroom cream sauce. And last but not least, we had the beef lasagna which for once, did not come apart when I cut it. Excellent. However, I do think it could use a little more tomato sauce though. 2it

The pizza crust could be slightly thinner, but I didn’t mind as I love my crusts a little bready.  I will be back for other pizzas like the Quattro Formaggi  and the Calzone. Calzones are so hard to find in SIN. Calzones bring back nice memories of my time in Saigon, ordering takeaway from Chez Guido. 2it 2

I would suggest at least 5 people to eat at 2it  & Drink in order to have a large variety. Even though the portions are modest, a whole plate of carbonara will definitely bring on the Zzzzs. Visit 2it & Drink