Buyan – Singapore

So I finally visited Buyan, the Russian restaurant on Duxton with a friend of mine that had a 1-for-1 coupon on the Entertainer app.

I was excited and apprehensive as the reviews online varied quite a bit regarding the food quality and the service. I am happy to report only one of the two was mildly bad. L

et’s start with the meal in chronological order so you can get a clear picture of how my night went. The waiter takes my order with the iPad, realises we are using the app and tries to push us to order more dishes and wine to go with our meal. We promptly refused and stood our ground of course.

The same waiter tried to push us to eat our appetisers quicker as well so the mains could come. Bad waiter.

Our appetiser of Vareniky dumplings filled with potatoes (and one lone surprise mushroom filled dumpling) arrived at our table in a light but slightly oily broth topped with sour cream and chives. There are six dumplings in this course and being carb on carb, it was quite filling. Take that waiter who tried to tell me it was small for two! I actually like the unintentional dumpling with a different filling. It’s like finding a shoestring fry in your curly fries.


Vareniky with potato

My friend and I ordered the Beef Stroganoff and the Kulebyaka to share. And we were glad we did as the Beef Stroganoff – in all its creamy goodness- came with even more pureed mashed potatoes beneath the tender beef. I get the sense that they use cuts of beef akin to sukiyaki so it remains tender due to the fattier cut.


Beef Stroganoff

Next the beautifully braided Kulebyaka arrived. It reminded me of a fish Wellington dish with rice encased in shortcrust instead of pate feuillitine. I wish the dough could have been softer and the fries a little less pathetic, but this dish was all right on the whole. We needed to dunk it in the cream from the stroganoff as it was a little dry due to the hard pastry.

buyan 1


We didn’t have dessert at Buyan as we decided to move somewhere cheaper. But this is the kicker from the same pushy waiter. So we informed him we needed to use the app, he says he would need my friend’s phone.

My friend was loading up the app, and the waiter said: “Oh if you have a CIMB credit card, you can get a discount too.”

I asked: “Is it the same 1-for-1 offer?”

Waiter: “No 10% off”

Me: “…….I’ll use the app thanks.” Does he think I’m stupid or what? So all in all, good meal but bad waiter.