Chir Chir – Singapore

If you’ve been following my posts, you know I’m not a Korean food person. But it is purely coincidental that I now have two Korean food posts back to back.

Chir Chir (say chi-ruh, chi-ruh), is a South Korean chicken chain that opened in 313Somerset in February. And it is an incredibly fatty experience and the portions are humongous. I recommend at least a group of 4 and up. If not you wouldn’t be able to try much of the menu.

I started my meal with the recommended Honey Grape Salad, although in hindsight it should be dessert.

Honey Grape Salad

Honey Grape Salad

You are supposed to mix the freshly whipped cream and ricotta cheese with the honeyed grape halves. It results in a creamy yoghurt and fruit like “salad”. There is nothing healthy about this salad at all, and I would think this should be dessert.

chir 1

Spicy Wings & Garlicky Wings


The spicy wings are fiery. That’s all I’ll say as I suck at spice. I had to down a few glasses of water just to put out the fire. Especially after I had a piece of the toppoki slathered in the sauce.

But I loved the Garlicky wings. It is coated in soy sauce and sprinkled with mince garlic. There are also fried cloves and toppoki in the mix. It is moreish, salty with a slight caramelisation on the wings. Just so good.


Crispy Fried Chicken and Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken

Crispy Fried Chicken and Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken

The golden Crispy Fried Chicken was the best of the lot in my opinion. The batter is crisp and light with a delightful crunch while the fresh chicken within remained succulent and tender. Especially the breasts, which was a great surprise. My dining companion’s Spicy BBQ Roasted chicken was as juicy and tender, but the sauce packs quite a punch if you suck like me. But for most SIN citizens, you’ll be fine.

The piece de resistance and my favourite was the Nest Snow.

Nest Snow


If you dislike bones, this is the dish for you. The Nest Snow comes in Cajun spiced chicken tendered sitting in a cheesy cream sauce with broccolis and olives. When you’re done paring through the chicken “nest”. You’ll find three scoops of sweet potato mash beneath. The chicken tenders also come coated with more whipped cream.

Oh my.

One dinner at Chir Chir with about 4 people already netted me at least a few days worth of calories. Safe to say, I’ll come back only once in a while.

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