GastroSmiths – Singapore

I actually visited GastroSmiths quite some time back and forgot all about it until I looked through my memory stick. Oopsie.


My dining companions and I dropped by GastroSmiths on Tan Quee Lan for dinner one night and I must say reservations are recommended due to the small space. The same brains behind The Humble Loaf in Katong set up this place and they are no green horns at this business, which is much more than I can say for some of the newer hipster cafes that are currently being set up.

However, I did find one of their menu items to be slightly pretentious a la most hipster cafes. The 63 degree eggs. IT’S SOFTBOILED EGGS, DAMN IT! Call a spade, a spade. This Not So Humble Eggs v2.0 came with two “63 degree” eggs, jamon serrano, pickled onions and onion soubise. The dish was warm and comforting with the savoury jamon serrano  and sweet pickled onions. But this is a classic case of charging $9.50 for two eggs and some ham. Seriously?



The other mains fared better.

Slow Cooked Pork Collar Pasta and 200g Onglet Steak

Slow Cooked Pork Collar Pasta and 200g Onglet Steak

The Slow-cooked Pork Collar Pasta was a little salty for me, but the creaminess of the sauce went well the the linguini. The pork collar ragout was cooked to shreds that melted in the mouth. Excellent. The menu states rigatoni but I guess they ran out.

My main of the 200g Onglet Steak was well cooked to a medium rare. BUT.  I don’t know what kind of weighing machine they are using but that is not 200g. Also, I don’t like it when places cut up the steak for me, except at L’Entrecote Duxton. I prefer to do it myself as the meat juices don’t escape as quickly from the meat. I also did not like the cilantro and fried onions.

I’m having steak, not bak chor mee. Don’t mess with good beef with strong smelling condiments like this. It’s sacrilege!

Also GastroSmith’s, your poutine is not effing poutine. It’s merely glorified shoe-string fries with a minuscule amount of cheese sauce and practically no gravy. Don’t play with a girl’s heart like that please.

This is not poutine, this is pathetic

This is not poutine, this is pathetic

But, on the whole, I do hope GastroSmiths has ironed out some of the kinks in their menu as the quality is actually better than most hipster cafes I’ve tried. Evident from my previous postings.