Les Patisseries – Singapore

So, I’ve visited another much hyped cafe in Singapore, only to be let down.

Les Patisseries in Toa Payoh is much heralded for its unique waffles that come in flavours like Horlicks and the famed Pierre Herme macaron, Isapahan -damask rose with lychee and raspberry.

I made my way there after work to the somewhat cramped cafe in Toa Payoh Central. The wait staff is quite young and made multiple mistakes with my order. They brought me several items I did not ask for, which turned out to belong to the next table and failed to tell me that the cake I wanted to order was already reserved after I’d already paid for it. Three big red Xs for service, Les Patisseries.

My friend and I had simple pastas of Truffle Mac & Cheese and Beef Bolognese. Very basic, comforting main courses. But, my only complaint was that the bolognese was too oily. The cafe probably pre-cooked the pasta in bulk and squirted a ton of oil on the pasta before blanching to serve, to prevent the noodles from sticking.

Unfortunately, the sauce from the bolognese had trouble clinging to the pasta from all that oil. It’s a crying shame as the beef sauce was actually satisfactory.

IMG_9218 The Truffle Mac & Cheese was only $12.50, so I  shouldn’t fault them on the local mushrooms they used within the dish instead of springing for better quality button mushrooms. But it gave the cream sauce a very strong earthy scent which was reminiscent of Chinese stir-fry mushroom dishes. Loving the zealous amount of truffle oil drizzled all over the top of the mac & cheese though.

Vanilla Apple (which I never got to eat) and the Dulcey Hazelnut

Vanilla Apple (which I never got to eat) and the Dulcey Hazelnut

Ok, the above beautiful green apple cake was the one I paid for but was later told it was already reserved and I couldn’t have it. So, I only took a picture as it was so pretty and I just had to show you guys.

The picture below that is the Dulcey Hazelnut. Yes, I rolled my eyes at the “Dulcey”. Anyway, this dulce de leche hazelnut tart is cloying and saccharinely sweet. Perfect if you love condensed milk and caramel. The candied hazelnuts gave the creamy filling a crunchy texture and well…nutty fragrance that cut through all that sweetness. The chocolate shell is commendable as well with its crumbly texture.

But where’s the waffles? You mentioned them at the beginning! You ask.

Where are they? That was my damn question as well. I waited a good 40 minutes for my Isapahan waffle. Only to have it arrive looking like well.


Deflated Isapahan

Deflated Isapahan

The waffle was woefully under-done and flat. The copious amounts of lychee syrup and the melting raspberry sorbet made the waffle even more soggy than it already was. It’s a shame as the batter had a very strong rose fragrance that went well with the syrup and sorbet. Having tried the Isapahan macarons before, I must say they capture the fragrance well.

Pity about the presentation and the cooking method though. Once again, much promise but the service staff lacks a lot of experience serving and in time management in the kitchen.

Will I go back? Nah. A 40 minute wait resulting in a flat waffle is enough disappointment for one meal.

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