Buck Tile St. Cafe – Singapore

I went through the throng of hipster cafes and ended up at the new-ish Buck Tile St. Cafe in Faber Drive. Well I wasn’t so impressed when I found out that the name was an anagram of Bucketlist.

So is this a place to visit before you die? No it is not. As most young hipster cafes, Buck Tile St. Cafe has growing pains with low quality savouries and unrefined pastries. It doesn’t taste bad, but with so many cafes popping up, I’m afraid this might not be worth the money.

The place charges $10.90 for a tuna salad croissant with anaemic looking fries which makes me feel a little ripped off. I didn’t even bother with a picture. Most bloggers have been focusing on its supposedly amazing blue velvet cake which I posted on Instagram. But as I captioned, I don’t pay for coloured sponge cake.

Instead I paid for the Sea salt caramel and dark chocolate tart and the waffle with Rum and Raisin ice-cream.


I guess the cafe is targeting young students as I feel topping off good ice-cream with sprinkles just ruins the taste with cheapness. The rich ice cream was from a great supplier but it was let down by the stodgy waffle. The tart was the perfect mix of salt and chocolate, but I think it was not tempered properly as I could see granules of sugar in the filling.

Overall, it feels amateurish.

Tiramisu pots and Oreo Pots

Tiramisu pots and Oreo Pots

The place also serves its desserts such as tiramisu  in little flower pots with tiny shovels like this. Cute, but nothing special as well.

I’m quite tired of hipster cafes riding on only image when the products they produce are just meh for its price.

So, advice to anyone opening up a cafe, people go for the food. Marketing and image can only get you so far.

I do hope Buck Tile St. will improve as it is still such a young concept with much promise. Just need to work on the food a little more.

Visit www.facebook.com/bucktile.st