Apple Hand Pies – Singapore

Throwback to what I made for new year’s eve. It took me quite a bit of time to makes these Apple Hand Pies. Why? Because the damn recipe (click here) demanded that the apples be cut to the size of a corn kernel. I had three apples to dice up and it took me a good 45 minutes.


Even the pie is drooling

The dough was also very hard to deal with in this humidity as the recipe called for sour cream which made the dough very damp. Lots of flour was needed to be able to roll this out properly. In hindsight, I could have rolled the dough thinner and stuffed it with more apples as the crust ended up a little too thick!



Maybe I’ll try again next time with better results. Perhaps when it’s cooler, the humidity was working against me. But in SIN City? Ack. I’ll never know when I’ll be able to make this dough proper. I should invest in a marble slab or metal counter in the future.