Club Meatballs – Singapore

Balls, I ate balls. Meatballs that is. Club Meatballs touts itself as a meatball specialist  with a variety of meats served. There’s minced salmon balls, iberico pork, wagyu beef and even vegetarian falafel balls. The balls come with a sauce of your choice and a carb – risotto, mashed potatoes, pasta, grilled veggies.

Club Meatballs is by the same people who started The Lokal and Sarnies, so they should know what they are doing….however the items were hit and miss.

Pulled Pork Sliders and Calamari

Pulled Pork Sliders and Calamari

The pulled pork sliders were quite a disappointment as the pork was shredded, battered and fried. Pulled pork is not meant to be fried, man. It tasted more like a fried “chicken” slider topped with an over-zealous amount of coleslaw.  Not good at all. The calamari came with a dollop of mayonnaise and large lime, it was like any other calamari dish. So good, but nothing spectacular.

As a big group of friends and I were celebrating a birthday so, we had an astounding amount of balls on the table. The menu is simple. Pick your balls, pick what goes on your balls and what goes under your balls.  I picked the wagyu beef balls with fresh papardelle and truffle mushroom sauce.

Wagyu beef balls with parpardelle and truffle mushroom sauce

Wagyu beef balls with pappardelle and truffle mushroom sauce

I feel that due to its higher fat content, wagyu is the perfect cut of beef to make meatballs as it doesn’t dry out as much after cooking.

The meatballs were cooked to medium, so it was still nice and pink on the inside. The soft pappardelle went very well with the truffle mushroom sauce as well. In my opinion this is probably the best combination you could pick at Club Meatballs.

Wagyu beef meatballs with pesto sauce and grilled vegetables

Wagyu beef meatballs with pesto sauce and grilled vegetables

The others who picked pork or chicken felt that the meatballs were a little dry and we all had the consensus that the beef was the best option. I’m so glad I picked right.

Do not be fooled by five ping pong sized meatballs. They easily add up to a single patty and can be fairly filling.

I would come back if I’m in the area but all in all Club Meatballs is not as impressive as I expected it to be.

Phew, this is the first time I’ve typed “balls” so many times in a single post.

As Bobby Singer from Supernatural would say, “BALLS!”