Mac & Cheese – Singapore

This is a little overdue, but I was a little under the weather over NYE. Yes, I spent my time next to a box of tissues.  But before I fell ill, I tried another Buzzfeed recipe with this easy oven-baked Mac & Cheese.



Was it easy? Yes it was. I used penne instead of conchiglie as I don’t have that in my local supermarket, young cheddar cheese, organic low fat milk and lots of pimenton powder which I got from Spain. The only hard thing about this recipe is the reduction of the milk and flour to make roux. It takes a lot of stirring and adding the milk in slow amounts.

Don’t pour the milk in too quickly as it might curdle and you’ll end up with a sodding mess.

You can add different cheeses like I did to the recipe such a mozzarella or parmesan as well.



No more settling for the disgusting Kraft boxed mac & cheese. You can be an adult and make mac & cheese from scratch.